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If there’s one joke universally told by Purchase College students, it’s that you better make a friend who has a car, because there isn’t actually anything to do in Purchase, NY.

Well, obviously that isn’t fully the case since Purchase College is also recognized as one of the hippest, artsiest schools in the whole of the state university system. But in case you’re dreading freshman orientation, we thought we’d help clue new student — and perhaps their visiting friends and family! — on all the great things there are to do in and around Purchase College.

Where to Eat

Let’s get one thing straight off the bat: Purchase is a college town and there is some greatfood to eat! Of course, being so close to White Plains and Port Chester, there’s also some world-class grub basically down the street that we would never poo-poo. Below you’ll find some of our favorite recommendations for each area, basically divided by how much you don’t feel like driving.


Right in the town of Purchase you’ll find a few mainstays. The Cobble Stone is within walking distance of campus and has been serving up cozy atmosphere and some solid burgers/pub food since 1933. Purchase Country Market is also nearby and is probably going to end up being your go-to deli for sandwiches and prepared meals that didn’t come from a dining hall. Although Belle Fair has some good overlap on its menu, their pizza and pasta will likely be what draws you in. Also, while we can’t tell you it’s within the typical college student’s weekly meal budget, Tredici North is practically sitting on top of campus and is some of the best upscale food in the area. We recommend reserving this option for dates you really want to impress and maybe visiting parents who offer to buy you dinner.

A brief addendum: Though it’s technically in West Harrison, Great Wall Restaurant is going to be your Chinese place of choice. Aside from serving all your favorites at reasonable prices, Great Wall delivers directly to campus, which is perfect for sick days and “I don’t even want to put on real clothes” kinds of lazy weekends spent watching Netflix in your pajamas and, well, ordering Chinese food! Thus, we totally count it as being available in Purchase.

Port Chester

We could write an entire article on all the amazing places to eat in Port Chester. In fact, we have. (See above.) But we’d be remiss not to toss in a couple cap-and-gown favorites. Paleteria Fernandez offers icy treats to get you through long summer classes (or winter classes; we’re not going to judge you, these things are delicious). Additionally, if you matriculate at Purchase College and/or live in the area, we are required by law to ensure you stop by Hubba’s at least once during your stay. Once known as “Pat’s Hubba Hubba,” this late-night greasy spoon has been serving up chili and “Hubba water” for the better part of a century. Seriously, if you don’t know they might confiscate your student ID card.

White Plains

Right off the bat, nothing beats a good late-night diner run. White Plains will probably be your go-to, as the home of both the White Plains Coach Diner and City Limits, which combines the hearty, cheap eats of your neighborhood diner with the ambiance of a fairly upscale bar and sit-down restaurant. City Limits is open until 10 or 11 p.m. every night, while the Coach Diner is a classic 24/7 joint. Both offer online ordering if you just want to pick up something quick, and at just 10-15 minutes away they’re also perfect for grabbing a quick lunch.

Speaking of lunches, you’ll definitely want to hit up Melt Sandwich Shop on a fairly regular basis. Open for lunch and dinner on weekdays and lunch Saturdays, this spot doesn’t just do hot sandwiches, but also grilled pizza, flatbreads, salads, soups and even chili. You’ll also definitely want to check out Westchester Burger Co., which despite it’s name offers a full range of dining options in a cozy sit-down atmosphere. (That being said, they also offer some incredible burgers.) We highly recommend stopping in for brunch, featuring everything from breakfast tacos and loaded French toast to eggs benedict burgers and classic brunch cocktails sure to cure whatever party you went to the night before.


Until you’re familiar with the area it might sound insane to recommend you go to another state for good food near Purchase. Still, because of the campus’ location less than a mile from the Connecticut border, popping over to enjoy all the amazing food in Greenwich is surprisingly easy. Just 6 minutes by car from campus (about 1.65 miles as the crow flies), you’ll find Rebecca’s. Listen, we’re not going to lie, eating here might leave you munching dry ramen for the rest of the term. But if you can find a tasting event or your family is paying, or if you just really really love food, we can’t tell you that Chef Reza’s creations won’t be some of the best things you’ve ever put in your mouth. Critically praised, the menu displays French influences on international classics, with a flair for modern twists in its presentations.

Read on for the full guide of where to drink, shop and play !

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