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Go Green for Earth Day


April 10, 2018 – New York, NY – Shop consignment and save the planet in honor of Earth Day! The family that owns Michael’s Consignment Shop in NYC has been in the business of recycling for over a century – long before it was in vogue. Consignment, as a business model, focuses on recycling. “When you “Drop and Shop” at Michael’s, you are realizing the full sequence of recycling clothing all in one visit,” said Tammy Fluhr-Gates, Co-Owner of Michael’s. “It’s sustainability at its best.”

Fluhr-Gates’ great great grandfather discovered the recycling benefit of the consignment model when, as a tailor in the late 1800’s, he refused to toss the clothing that many of his clients abandoned in his shop. Instead of throwing them away, he started the family consignment business in 1902 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan believing that “past treasures should be rediscovered by others.” It was this mindset that allowed the family business to continue and prosper for over 100 years.

“Earth Day 2018 is the opportunity to begin taking an active role in becoming socially responsible about recycling your clothing,” said Tammy Fluhr-Gates. “My family pioneered the consignment business ten decades ago with a passion for being responsible and, today we are proud to uphold the same sustainable practices.”

Michael’s experts will assist you with tips on how to consign your clothing and how to make the task less daunting. “Earth Day is not only an opportunity to protect the earth and our landfills, you can use the occasion to repurpose your clothing, clean out your closet, declutter your life, commit to a seasonal practice and make cash while doing it,” said Tammy.  Michael’s will find new homes and owners for your current designer treasures.  Bring your less than two-year-old luxury fashion items to the store and they will find a new buyer for your coveted Chanel bag. Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for consignment as it is when customers clean out closets. When you consign with Michael’s, you will receive 50% of the selling price to be paid by check, used as a store credit to purchase new items or, Michael’s may donate to the charity of your choice.  As part of the family’s commitment to consignors, they offer estate liquidation in New York City and in the surrounding areas. The Michael’s team can help assess, remove, and monetize high-end luxury apparel and accessories in your home. Contact Michael’s directly to arrange for a consultation (212) 737-7273.

5 Tips to Turn Closet Clutter into Cash

  1. SORT items into color and categories so you can see just how many black dresses you have.
  2. EDIT!  If you didn’t wear it all year, pull it out of your closet. You’ll find you wear more of your wardrobe, jewelry and shoes when you can visually see them.
  3. ORGANIZE your pulled items into three categories: swap, donate or consign.
  4. SWAP! Hold a swap party with friends.
  5. SELL/DONATE: Bring items marked for donation and consignment to the place that makes the most sense for that piece (and, that will give you the best value!)

Michael’s, The Consignment Shop for Women opened in 1954 in New York City and is the premier location for women’s designer apparel and luxury goods for consignors and shoppers. Chic, high-fashion items are handpicked by experienced merchandisers for authenticity and pristine quality. Michael’s mint-condition designer merchandise is available online at michaelsconsignment.com and at the flagship store on Madison Avenue. From Chanel and Hermes to Prada and Louis Vuitton, Michael’s is the go-to place for fashion insiders seeking the most cost-effective, designer, luxurious, sustainable shopping experience.








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