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What is Kali?

Kali is the first organic, customizable period box in the market. Because everyone’s period is different, Kali subscriptions are personalized, flexible, and convenient providing exactly what you need during that time of the month. With our Lux box, we include curated luxury wellness products each month to make that time of the month better for you. We give you what you need, but also what you want during your period.


What can women expect when trying Kali for the first time?

People can expect to rethink their period with Kali. Our website provides a customized, convenient way to get your feminine hygiene products. It’s time to bring wellness full cycle and include organic period care in your monthly routine with Kali.


Why should women consider going organic with their feminine hygiene products?

Because it’s time to care about we are putting into our bodies. Non-organic feminine care can cause irritation and allergic reactions. We don’t want to eat chlorine bleach or synthetic fibers, so why would we want to put them in one of the most sensitive spot in our bodies? It’s an easy switch.


Would you say this is a trend in the industry?

Consumers are starting to question what is in their daily products and care about what they are putting into their bodies. This shift has caused a demand for new and innovative feminine hygiene products. This demand is growing at a rapid rate and has increased by 7% just this year alone. Awareness takes time. We, at Kali, are on a mission to change the world one tampon at a time.


Interested in trying Kali? For $5 off your first Lux box, go to Kaliboxes.com and use code 5OFF.


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