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Sarah Wragge is a holistic nutritionist and the founder of Sarah Wragge Wellness, a program that blends nutrition and movement to simplify science and help clients transform their well being. Her SWW Method is beloved by devoted followers and celebrities alike, re-educating them about the power of lifestyle choices, with the belief that food is medicine. 

Sarah is also Mom to two young kids, and is committed to making mealtime fun and helping her kids develop a positive relationship with food.

We spoke to Sarah about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, modeling healthy habits for our kids, and her secrets to staying present amid the chaos of motherhood. 

Would you please tell us a bit about yourself and your family?
I’m Sarah Wragge, and I am married to Chris Wragge who is the co-anchor for New York’s CBS2’s News This Morning and CBS2’s News at Noon. I am the mother to Christian (6.5), Wynn (2). We live in Bergen County, NJ, during the school year and spend the summer in Bridgehampton, NY. 

What led you to launch Sarah Wragge Wellness?
I turned a health crisis into a career! I spent most of my youth in and out of doctor’s offices with chronic digestive and health issues. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that a holistic nutritionist made the connection between the foods I was eating and my symptoms. By simply changing my diet, the health issues I had battled my whole life disappeared. This is the inspiration for Sarah Wragge Wellness.

Love that. How is the SWW Method different from traditional diets?
The SWW Method™ is different from other diets because it is not a diet at all. At SWW™ we help you create behavioral changes that lead to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. The six week program is based on years of private coaching experience and client results as a Holistic Nutritionist. We offer this program four times a year – in January, April, June and September. 

How do you foster your kids’ healthy relationship with food?
EDUCATION. I like to get teaching moments wherever I can. I also try to foster a healthy relationship with food for my kids by making mealtime fun and interactive. We often cook together and let the kids choose the ingredients for a dish or help with the preparation. I also make sure to include a variety of fruits and vegetables on their plates, and encourage them to try new foods. And of course, we lead by example and make sure to practice healthy eating habits ourselves. Overall, it’s all about making food a positive and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

You are a wife, mother, and entrepreneur; how do you “do it all?”
As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, I’ve learned that “doing it all” well is impossible, so I make sure to prioritize my time and set clear boundaries. One thing I’ve learned recently is that I feel better about my multiple roles when I am really focused on one role at a time. When I’m with my kids, I am with my kids—not on my phone. And when I am working, I am focused and in front of my computer. Now this doesn’t always happen a hundred percent of the time, but it is my goal. 

Any wisdom or mom mantras you want to leave us with?
Absolutely! I believe that the key to success and happiness is to stay true to yourself and trust your gut. My personal mantra is “Go big or Go home”.  I remind myself to take risks and chase my dreams, even when it’s scary or uncertain. My dad used to tell me that success is doing one uncomfortable thing every day- and I certainly am super uncomfortable these days as SWW grows.

Another one of my favorite mantras is “work hard, play hard.” I believe in putting in the effort and hard work to achieve my goals, but also making sure to enjoy the journey and have fun along the way. 

And lastly, I always remind myself to “find the joy in the every day.” It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, but taking a step back and finding the beauty and joy in the small things can make all the difference.


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