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A few months ago, we introduced you to Casey Georgeson, the inspiring mom of three behind Saint Jane Beauty, a clean CBD beauty brand known for their luxurious and effective serums and lip glosses. (Read her Meet a Mom here.) After chatting more with Casey, we learned that Saint Jane was inspired in part by her pregnancy and newborn daughter’s health scare, which resulted in her committing to finding clean products and sharing them with other women. We spoke to Casey about that journey, what it means to be “clean” and why she’s so passionate about offering nontoxic products that really work.


Your mission to offer women clean beauty started with your own pregnancy. Can you please share a bit about that “aha” moment?
I have three daughters, and when I was pregnant with my second, I’d been working with nail polish and fragrances in windowless offices during my first trimester. When she was born, she was considered “SGA”—small for gestational age. One doctor suspected that my exposure to chemicals early on in my pregnancy could have been what caused her to be born small. Thankfully, she’s thriving now, but when we launched Saint Jane, I knew it had to be a clean brand—it was non-negotiable. Our mission is to help heal and nourish the skin, so we’ve formulated our entire collection using only ultra-effective, sustainably sourced, organically grown botanicals. We test all of our products 4x during the manufacturing process—which is 3x the industry standard.



Amazing. How else does Saint Jane define “clean” beauty?
We’re meticulously clean. When we formulate, we always choose the MOST clean and efficacious ingredients. A lot of brands say they’re clean but for Saint Jane, clean is defined by our sustainably sourced ingredients and our commitment to transparency on sourcing and testing. Looking at labels, understanding ingredients and sourcing and supporting brands that are transparent are great ways to ensure you are purchasing a clean product.


 Why is clean beauty so important, particularly to moms?
I think what happened in my second pregnancy illustrates why it is important to limit exposure and use clean ingredients as much as you can. Although, we will never know for sure if my exposure was the cause, it was a definite possibility given my two other daughters were both born at a healthy weight and I was not working with toxins and chemicals when pregnant with them. I never want another mother to go through that doubt. But I advise pregnant women and nursing mothers to speak with their doctors about using products with CBD—even products with clean CBD.



Is your own experience the reason you’re so committed to this mission?
Obviously, my personal experience fuels my passion for clean formulas.  But also, knowing just how much we absorb via skincare and make up is astounding. You may think that something that you put on your skin or your child’s skin will not get into the bloodstream, but it will. Recent studies around sunscreen have shown that to be a fact. Even a product for your lips (balm, gloss, lipstick) can ultimately be harmful because you are ingesting and absorb a little bit of what you put on your lips. That is why our lip gloss is 100% clean and made with only 8 natural botanicals. When you use it, you can feel confident that you are not putting any harmful ingredients on your lips. And the same with the other products in our collection. All are 100% clean and sustainably sourced.


If someone was going to start with one product, what would you suggest?
Our Luxury Beauty Serum—without a doubt!  It is what launched the brand in January 2019. It is a multi-correctional powerhouse that is thoughtfully formulated with 20 potent botanicals including 500mg of CBD.  It’s my go to—when I’m tired, when I’m wearing makeup, when my skin needs a bit of TLC due to a breakout—I reach for Luxury Beauty Serum and pat it on my face – and I have an instant glow and definitely don’t look like my 4-year-old woke me up at 5am, ha!



We all could use that! Why in particular is clean CBD crucial?
The hemp plant, where CBD is extracted from, is what is called a bio-accumulator or as our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. June Chin, calls it—“nature’s vacuum cleaner”.  The plant soaks up whatever is present in the soil so if the soil is not clean—your CBD will not be either. And more often than not, soil is not clean; it’s full of heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful toxins. Our CBD is 100 % clean—from seed to shelf. We proudly put our Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on our site that underscores this. When using a CBD product, you want to have access to the CoA for exactly this reason. So, if the brand doesn’t provide that, then I suggest that you look for another brand.


One of the things we love about Saint Jane is that the effectiveness of the skincare products and colors of the lip glosses aren’t reduced because of being clean. Was this a priority for you?
Thank you!  I’m so happy to hear this because efficacy is deeply important to me. I’m a mom and a CEO/Founder but I have also been a long-time beauty junkie! When creating Saint Jane, there were a couple non-negotiables for me—clean ingredients, efficacious formulas and transparency to the consumer. Nature is powerful and we harness that power in our products so that your skin, your lips reap the benefits and you look and feel great too.



Is there anything else you’d like to share?
What we ingest, what we put on our skin, and what we use in our homes, has a profound effect on all of us. So, I urge all moms and dads to read labels and learn about ingredients. We are so fortunate to live in a time when there are so many great clean products to use from beauty to household products. Making a choice to buy clean formulas can make a big difference.


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