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“Can you read me a book ” ?

“Sure, sweetie.”

“Mom, can you read it again” ?

“Are you sure you want this same book, honey” ?


[Reads book again.]

“Mom, again”.

How many times have we recited this act?  Be it you, your husband, grandma or the babysitter, reading the same children’s book over and over is a true test of patience.   But we know reading to them is beneficial in oh so many ways so we must read, read away!

It’s so much easier though, to stick them in front of a screen while we are performing one of our various super-human juggling acts of laundry, cleaning, cooking, emailing, business calls, stinky diapers … so we cave.   Sometimes for hours.  With a pocket full of mom-guilt.

Wait!  Does it matter if it is actually YOU reading to your child or say, the ever-whitty, Betty White ?  And does the oh so bad “screen-time” cancel itself out if the screen is reading to you ??

Now, you can have it all.  Without the guilt and with all the brain-building, foundation forming, wholesome goodness that comes with reading aloud to our children.

When my son’s nursery school teacher insisted I check out this cool site, I jumped at the chance.  If she said it was good for him to have screen time, than it must be!

Enter Storyline Online.

This award winning literacy program lets you stream videos of CELEBRITIES reading children’s books alongside creative and pleasingly simple illustrations, helping the books come alive!  Along with each book, an activity guide is also offered allowing you to discuss the theme of the book with your child and really get those creative juices flowing. According to Storyline,  reading aloud to children strengthens reading, writing and communication skills,  as well as logical thinking and concentration. Inspire a lifelong love of reading in your kids, even when your too tired to do it yourself!

The website now has an app!  Cool!

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