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SHRED Fitness is the newest boutique fitness studio to open in Scarsdale, NY, and is quickly becoming one of our favorites! Get your first class FREE with mention “LOCALMOMS”.

SHRED is a ski-inspired workout, but don’t think that you need to be a skier to love this class. The full body 45-minute workout gives you the strength, cardio, balance, and stability work you need to be the strongest version of yourself. We sat down with the founder, Caroline Levere, a local Larchmont resident, and the creative director, Emily Fayette, a New York City fitness guru, to learn more.


What inspired you to start SHRED?

CL: I’ve been a boutique fitness lover for years, and have noticed the increasing popularity of classes like boxing and rowing, which not many of us are doing in our everyday lives. I have been skiing since I could walk, and on ski trips with friends, noticed how they would get sore after only a few runs and not be able to make the most of our days on the mountain. I wanted to create a workout that not only was effective for skiers and non-skiers, but also brought the fun feeling you get when you walk into a lodge or are greeted by the lift operators to the fitness world. I became friends with Emily, an avid snowboarder, over the summer of 2018, and the rest is history.

What makes SHRED unique?

EF: SHRED is a full body workout that benefits skiers and non-skiers alike. We sought advice from the coaches of the US Ski Team (who fully approve the workout), the Sun Valley Ski Team, the Vail Ski Team, and other ski professionals. We are the only studio in the United States to use the skier’s edge machine, a non-impact cardio machine that simulates skiing. Additionally, we put extra focus on balance and stability in all of our movements. Not only will this make you stronger for the slopes, it will also make you stronger for your everyday activities, whether that is walking, running, playing tennis, etc.


How will non-skiers feel about SHRED?

CL: A lot of our clients don’t ski at all, or only ski a little bit, and they all love SHRED! The class is interval-based, so you are changing movements and working on different body parts every few minutes, which makes the class fly by. In our 45-minute class, clients complete cardio drills, full body strength movements, and core, balance, and stability work, which is everything they need to be the strongest version of themselves. Our non-skiers (and skiers) have loved the Skier’s Edge machine, which we use at the end of class to challenge your balance, strength, and cardio endurance.

EF: As an elite runner, this has made me feel stronger in my marathon training. This really is a workout for everybody. Our instructors biggest goal is building community to make everyone feel welcome in the studio and challenged in their workout.

What levels is this class suitable for?

CL: This class is perfect for any fitness level! We have modifications for every movement in class if you want to take it up a notch, or want to back down a little. Our instructors will also work with you to modify for any injuries you have.

EF: You can make the workout whatever you want it to be – it can be the hardest workout of your week, or you can take breaks and modify moves. The level that you work at can vary based on what you are feeling that day. We encourage our clients to challenge their own limits so they can find strength at SHRED.

Anything else we should know?

CL: We are so excited to introduce this workout to everyone, and know people will fall in love. We have a new client special – two classes for the price of one. We also offer personal training and private events – please email [email protected] to learn more about both.

EF: The format and SHRED method will stay the same everyday for now,  but ingredients and movements within each class will change daily. Stay tuned for more class formats as we continue the SHRED journey.

Shred Fitness
1481C Weaver Street
Scarsdale, NY 10583

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